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  • Success and Excellence

    We believe that our students have in them the ability to develop the necessary academic skills, strategies and competencies that will ensure success and excellence, in their respective sphere of academic work as well as professional career, with the help of guidance and assistance offered by our well qualified teachers, at every step.

  • Modern Technology in Education

    The use of modern technology in education helps the students to form a creative and dynamic approach in their future profession or a process of self-education. We can access new information in a second with the help of modern technology. In Lincoln University College, we provide different types of technologies which change education in a positive way.

  • Evolution of Individuality

    Lincoln University College makes the effort to understand your strength, passion and talent and also helps you to identify and achieve your goals. We also make you realize your potential necessary for professional development and growth. We focus on analyzing your behavior as well as skills as on the basis of it we formulate a process of self assessment, to help you fulfill your long-cherished dreams and aspirations.

    Lincoln University College makes the effort to understand your strength, passion and talent and also helps you to identify and achieve your goals.

  • Advanced Thinking and Informative Knowledge

    Lincoln University College offers informative knowledge to its students, related to subject of study and we also encourage informative discussions to enhance the learning of the students. We also promote activities directed towards the development of intellectual thinking skills as well as imaginative and creative skills of the students, so that they are able to prove their excellence in the professional field of work.

  • For a Better Tomorrow

    Join, Lincoln University College to make your dream of ‘a better tomorrow’, a reality. We provide comprehensive academic opportunities through our Diploma, Graduate, Post Graduate and Ph.D programs in Arts, Science, Engineering, Business, Medicine and others, as well as Advanced Research Programs, administered by our highly qualified academic staff. Our competitive programs, thus prepares the students for a world driven by technology and helps them to cope up with the ever-evolving changes in the professional field.

  • Pursue Your Dream With Us

    Our scholarly and learned academic staff as well as state of the art infrastructure facilities, contributes towards the achievement of dreams cherished by our students. We help our students to assess their career aspirations, thus helping them to realize and purse their dreams of a rewarding and fulfilling career. We are thus highly committed towards providing excellent academic and research opportunities for all our students.

  • Globalization of Education

    Lincoln University College has affiliations and collaborations with reputed universities of the world. We develop for our students, lecturers and researchers, opportunities for participation in multidisciplinary projects at the international level and thus students are able to acquire knowledge regarding the global education scenario as well as the global trends of education. We thus explore the interaction among the varied cultures and encourage our students for cross—cultural learning.

  • New Horizons of Learning

    Our excellent learning ambience and our programs that have been designed by our academic staff lead to outstanding outcomes for all students. We introduce our students to the new aspects of programs and also promote international exchange programs to ensure effective learning. Interaction with other international institutions is an integral part of our teaching and learning process that opens up new avenues of research and development, for our students.

  • Knowledge and Wisdom

    Discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in areas of study and exploration of advanced knowledge in the field of arts, science, medicine, computer, engineering is an integral part of our academic program. We also promote application of newly acquired knowledge by the students in their respective fields of study. Our faculty and researchers create a perfect environment for investigative and research work that includes theoretical work as well as applied research. Thus Lincoln University College is committed towards the enhancement of Knowledge and Wisdom as far as the students are concerned.

In the news
'visited LUC on 21.02.2015' 'Mr.Kenneth DiSaia (Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management) & Mr Manny Tavares(ean of International Recruitment ) visited LUC and meet with the MBA students along with Dr Amiya Bhaumik,(VC) & En Hj Mansor J. A. Fenner @Aziz- Director of Academic Affairs.' ... more
'Excellency, of chairman at edex expo.' 'HIgh Commissioner of Malaysia in Sri Lanka.' ... more
'Signing MOU of IDM Computer Studies' 'Dr. Bandu Ranasinghe & Dr. Priyantha with Dr. Amiya at Global Tower Hotel -Colombo.' ... more
'Clinical Orientation' 'at LUC Kota Bharu Medical Campus,organised a visit to hospital raja Perempuan Zainab II(HRPC II),The purpose of the visit was to introduce the clinical students of LUC to the Hospital Management And Facilitiesexited in Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II(HRPZ II)' ... more
'World Directory of Medical School' 'LUC Medical faculty has been listed under World Directory of Medical School ' ... more
'World Physiotherapy Day' 'Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day on 9th September 2014 at Lincoln Rehabilitation Training Centre . ' ... more
'LUC Observance of Silence for MH17' 'Observance of a moment of silence as a mark of respect for the families and friends for the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17. One minute of silence was maintained on 22nd August, 2014, at Central Hall of Mayang Plaza campus at 11am sharp' ... more
'Vice Chancellor of Lincoln University College visited “The Daily Kalerkantho”:' 'Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Amiya Bhaumik visited the head office of “The Daily Kalerkantho” newspaper, Bangladesh. Mr. Imdadul Haq Milan- Author and Editor of “The Daily Kalerkantho”, warmly welcome him with memorandum of wishes.' ... more
'Joyful day for grads ' 'LINCOLN University College (LUC) recently held its third convocation which saw the coming together of over 300 graduands to celebrate the culmination of their academic journey.' ... more

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is a small country with a land area of approximately 330 thousand square kilometers and a population of 23 million people comprising of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other minority groups. The various races live together peacefully and harmoniously in the country.

The official religion of Malaysia is Islam but other religion such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and other religions are practiced freely by the people.

Malay is the national languages of the country and is spoken by all Malaysians. Chinese, Tamil and other languages are also spoken among the people. English is widely spoken by most of the people in cities and big towns.

LUC Events

A Guest IT Seminar was organized in the Lincoln University College’s main Campus on 18th March (Wednesday) by the HR (Training) collaborating with the Department of Computer Science & Multimedia. About 130 IT graduate students (pursuing) along with all the lecturers of the department attended the seminar. Mr Clement Arul (The presenter),CTO, Principal Technology Architect, Security Consultant, Penetration Tester, Trainer, Chief Architect, Head of R & D,ISO 27001 Lead Auditor from KAAPAGAM Technologies & Encik Anwer Yusoff (CSM) was the special guest from Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM)...
The Convocation ceremony of LUC was held on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 at Grace Convention Hall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The ceremony was honored by the presence of Datuk Dr Hajjah Bibi. Florina Abdullah(Pro-Chancellor), Dr. Amiya Bhaumik (Vice-Chancellor), Dr. Norman Madsen (Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Department of International Affairs). In this convocation, eminent guests The Honorable Educational Minister of Nepal, RS. Chitralekha Yadav and The Consular Academic Attache of Embassy of The State of Libya Dr. Samir A.S. Karshman.....
Magazine Articles " - Lincoln University College , Malaysia.

Latest Videos

Lincoln University College, Petaling Jaya was established in 2002 as Lincoln College (LC) and upgraded in 2011...

Campus Closeup

Deputy Vice Chancellor for International Affairs

Graduation has come and gone, completed the 4th of March on the main campus. Approximately two-hundred and twenty-five students received their degrees or diplomas and there were over eight-hundred attendees supporting the students...
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