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Bachelor of Psychology KPT/JPS(PA 4735)07/20

The Bachelor of Psychology program provides a basic knowledge and skills required to understand the behavior of both individual and groups, which is necessary to influence the way educators, policy makers and the community surveyor work about mental health and the workings of the human mind. Students incorporate and integrate comprehensive education in basic areas, including development of understanding of social, cognitive, biological and abnormal psychology among individuals. The program teaches the associations between the brain and behavior, the processes that determine speech, create and keep memories or respond to stress. The Bachelor of Psychology programme curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of key theoretical concepts and on practicing skills associated with the areas of assessment and counseling. Practical application of the knowledge and skills will be demonstrated in projects reflected at both the personal and professional level.

The primary aim of The Bachelor of Psychology program is to equip student with contemporary integrative approach towards psychology and its application regarding the psychology as appropriate at undergraduate level. The programme furnishes the students the experience necessary to learn about current practices in the fields of counseling, psychology and its relevance in the current context and the basic principles of scientific research and clinical psychology.

Aims of Bachelor of Psychology are:

  • To offer students a solid foundation of core psychological principles and expose them to a broad cross-section of topics within basic and applied psychology

  • To help students develop research and communication skills, and attain strong background in psychology as a science.

  • To foster critical thinking amongst the students to address evolving issues related to education, work, health-care, and everyday life.

  • To provide a solid foundation in modern psychology and diversity of skills to prepare the student for a wide range of careers concerning human behavior and experiences

To provide an understanding and capability to work independently for the management of human resource and personal development for other services

Psychology is concerned with the scientific understanding of human behaviour. It is both an academic discipline and a professional one. After successful completion of this course graduate can take further steps to practice as a professional psychologist or can continue postgraduate studies by working as a researcher by participating in the revolutionary work. They can also work on psychology related to molecular genetics, developmental cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology and brain imaging.
After completion of this course professionals are expected to emerge as,
· Social policy researchers
· Human resources professionals
· Teachers
· Immigration and correctional officers
· Social workers
· Market researchers
· Counsellors
· Career development practitioners
· Health promotion officers

Minimum Duration : 40 Months.
Maximum Duration : 72 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 BEL 1003 English I 3
2 BPSY1123 Introduction to Psychology 3
3 BPSY1133 Community & Mental Health 3
4 BPSY1143 Biological Basis of Behavior 3
5 MPU 3113/ MPU 3163 Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS)/ Malay Communication 3 3
6 MPU 3123/ MPU 3173 Ethnic relations/ Malaysian Studies 3
7 BPSY1223 Educational Psychology 3
8 BPSY1243 Personality and Psychopathology 3
9 BPSY1253 Psychological Statistics 3
10 BEL 2003 English 2 3
11 BPSY1233 Environmental Psychology 3
12 BTC243 Introduction to Computer 3
13 BPSY1323 Motivation & Emotion 3
14 BPSY1323 Study Skills 3
15 BPSY3323 Abnormal Psychology 3
16 BPSY2113 Developmental Psychology 3
17 MPU3232 Leadership Skills And Human Relations 3
18 BPSY2133 Child and Adolescent Psychology 3
19 BPSY2143 Research Methods 3
20 BPSY2213 Social Psychology 3
21 BPSY2223 Health & Psychology 3
22 MPU3342 Government And Public Policy Malaysia 3
23 BPSY2253 Psychological Sensation & Perception 3
24 BPSY2313 Psychological Assessment 3
25 BPSY2323 Behavioral Psychology 3
26 BPSY2333 Communication Skill 3
27 BPSY3113 Guidance & Counseling I 3
28 BPSY3123 Basic Psychological Processes I 3
29 BPSY3133 Industrial-Organizational Psychology 3
30 MPU3452 Community service 3
31 BPSY3153 Learning Disabilities 3
32 BPSY3243 Public Speaking 3
33 BPSY3253 Basic Psychological Process II 3
34 BPSY3213 Behavioral Organization 3
35 BPSY3223 Group Therapy and Family Counseling 3
36 BPSY3233 Guidance and Counseling II 3
37 BPSY3313 History of Psychology 3
38 BPSY3333 Theories of Psychology 3
39 BPSY3326 Research Project 6
40 BPSY3336 Industrial Training 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Passed Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) with a full pass in 2 subjects (GPA 2.0) and have at least a credit in Mathematics and Science with at least a pass in the subject of English in Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM); or
  2. Passed Matriculation / Foundation with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and at least a credit in Mathematics and Science with at least a pass in the subject of English in Malaysian Certificate of Education; or
  3. Graduated Diploma (Level 4, MOH) in Psychology with a minimum CGPA of 2.00; or
  4. Graduated Diploma (Level 4, MOH) in any field or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of at least 2.00 and a credit in Mathematics and Science with at least a pass in the subject of English at the SPM level; or
  5. Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.

Duration : 40 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Bachelor