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LUC announcement
Foundation in Business and Computing


Foundation in Business and Computing KPT/JPS(A 11138)07/25

The Foundation in Business and Computing has the same standard as a Pre – university programme also called matriculation, a stage before registering into our degree programmes. The course, Foundation in Business and Computing offers the students with the opportunity for direct entry into the first year (Year 1) of any university programme. Lincoln University College thus offers advance educational opportunities, which will help the students to acquire jobs in reputed organizations.

Students, who have scored credit in science, additional mathematics, further mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics will be able to achieve success in the foundation course as well as in the degree programmes of computer science. Students, who have scored credits in History, English, Art, Moral, Commerce, Accounts or any other arts subject will excel in creative technology, but students need to fulfill certain criteria, to study Computer Science.

For students of arts, who wish to study Computer Science, their results of computing subjects should be at least a pass in the foundation level. This programme is for both local and international students, who wish to study degree programme of any field.

Train the students for any university degree in Business and Computing. Train to cope with psychological stress and anxitey. Produce professionals especially for project work. Educate the students regarding the higher programmes of study and professional degrees. Study for only 1 Year and enroll directly into the first year of a university degree course.

  1. Government.
  2. Non-profit organizations.
  3. Small and medium businesses.
  4. Investment.
  5. Real estate.
  6. Banking and finance.
  7. Hospitality industry.

Full Time : 18 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 COMP 113 Fundamental of Computer 3
2 ENG013 English I 3
3 BMNG 111 Principles of Business Management 3
4 MATH 112 Mathematics 3
5 BACC 120 Introduction to Accounting 3
6 PROM 123 Principles of Programming 3
7 BECO 122 Principles of Economic 3
8 BMNG 121 Principles of Marketing 3
9 COMP 131 Fundamental of Internet Application 3
10 BFIN 130 Fundamentals of Finance 3
11 ENG023 English II 3
12 ACCA 209 Fundamentals of E- Commerce 3
13 BMIS 263 Object-Oriented Programming 3
14 BLAW 245 Business Analysis and Decision Making 3
15 BMNG 214 Marketing Research 3

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Standard Program met the minimum requirements governing the recruitment of students in that period; or
  2. Other qualifications recognized by the Government.
  3. Any changes to the Standard Program will apply only to new cohorts of students.
  4. Implementation of entry requirements based on Program Standards are applicable based on the provisions that have been set out in the circular Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) enforcing the use of a Standard Program.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Certificate