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Master of International Relations and Policies


Master of International Relations and Policies KPT/JPS (PA 10530) 04/24

Master of International Relations and Policies in Lincoln University under the Faculty of Social Science Arts and Humanities is a program grounded on political principles and processes as well as foreign affairs and relations between different countries along with learning of languages and world cultures that helps professionals to think globally and become a successful leader on the international platform. Professionals systematically explore themes such as government and private policies, political behavior, economic issues in local and international government systems. Current global market dynamism and today’s fast-changing business policies, project environments are difficult to manage without having the knowledge of updated international policies to take key decisions. The survival of both private and public sectors in an increasingly competitive national and international environment is dependent on the availability of skilled human resources with the necessary competencies to steer, lead and manage organizations through these complex and highly competitive scenarios. Skilled, competent, sophisticated and market sensitive professionals can work in public and private sector as managers, policy-makers and captains of industries to thrive in the new globalized world.

The program of Master of International Relations and Policies will produce masters in the field of public policy, economics, international law, cultural studies and much more who are:

  1. Knowledgeable and skillful, competent in deep understanding of international relations and policies.
  2. Proficient in conducting original research, components or processes to meet specified needs with responsibility for the international system, as well as cultural, societal, ethical considerations in the formulation of foreign policy.
  3. Capable of providing solutions with effective communication skill among team members and protrude leadership in services to frame the policies of Malaysia and other Central Asian states in a global context.
  4. Appraise available information and strategies needed in political movements for lifelong learning to plan and perform further research with the field.

The successful completion of Master of International Relations and Policies can cover broad categories. LUC student can find positions that affect the functioning of national and global political, economic, social, and cultural system in a wide variety of ways. Students also may establish themselves as an employee of Foreign Service, Civil Service Positions in both Government and Private Sectors.

After completion of this course individuals may find positions as:

  1. International marketing manager
  2. International organizational policymaker
  3. Diplomatic leader
  4. International banking manager
  5. International trade manager
  6. Journalism

Minimum Duration : 18 Months
Maximum Duration : 36 Months

Sl.No. Subject Code Subject Credit
1 MIR 1013 Theories in International Relations 3
2 MIR 1023 International Political Economy 3
3 MIR 1033 Major Power of Contemporary International Relations 3
4 MIR 1043 International and Regional Organizations 3
5 MIR 2053 International Law of Peace 3
6 MIR 2063 Contemporary Issues in World Development 3
7 MIR 2073 International Law of War & Neutrality 3
8 MIT 1313 Research Methodology 3
9 MIR 3093 Diplomacy & International Governance 3
10 MIR 3103 International Communication 3
11 MIR 3113 Malaysia's Foreign Policy 3
Elective (choose any one from the following)
12 MIR 3123 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism 3
13 MIR 3133 Area Studies: Europe and North America 3
14 MIR 3143 Area Studies: Asia 3
15 MIR 3153 South East Asia: Political Society, Foreign Relation 3
16 MGR 4166 Dissertation 6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Bachelor (Level 6 MOH) with minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the HEP Senate; or
  2. Bachelor (Level 6 MOH) or equivalent CGPA of 2.50 which is not acceptable on condition that the candidate has a minimum of 5 years working experience in the relevant field

For postgraduate programs, prospective students must pass the lnternational Bahasa Inggeris Language Testing System (IELTS) with a minimum score of 5.0 or equivalent qualification.

For International students,

TOEFL score of 500 OR IELTS score of 5.0 OR its equivalent. If a student does not meet this requirement, HEPs must offer English proficiency courses to ensure that the student’s proficiency is sufficient to meet the needs of the programme. This is normally conducted through an assessment process.

Duration : 18 Months

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master