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Master of Computer Science KPT/JPS(FA 3142)02/24

The program, Master of Computer Science, provides students with the fundamental knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the computer systems and information technology. Our highly qualified lecturer introduces the students to the techniques and concepts related to application, design as well as programming of computing systems. It is thus intended for those, who are willing to pursue a career in this field or students can also opt for advance research studies upon the completion of this program.

For successful completion of Masters degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Two research articles in scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.

Thus this program, offers the students with the scope to advance their knowledge in foundational as well as applied areas of Computer Science. Thus we aim to prepare Computer Science graduates, who will be professionally as well as academically well equipped to explore the field of information technology that offer a diverse range of research and job opportunities.

  1. System Design
  2. System Analysis
  3. Senior Software Engineer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Software Development
  6. Software Test Lead
  7. Senior Technical Consultant
  8. Technical Architect
  9. Project Manager

Minimum Duration : 18 Months.
Maximum Duration : 24 Months.

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 MCS143 Object Oriented Programming 3
2 MCS123 Algorithms And Complexity 3
3 MCS113 Advanced Database 4
4 MCS153 Internet Programming and Web Design 4
5 MCS263 Telecommunication Systems 3
6 MCSO253 Open Source Technology 3
7 MCSO213 Information Security 3
8 MCSH233 Embedded systems 3
9 AFI-373 Artificial Intelligence 3
10 MCSH323 Mobile Computing 3
11 MCSC213 Cloud computing 3
12 MCSH243 Advanced Artificial Intelligence With Expert System 4
13 MCM -253 High Performance Network 4
14 MCSC363 Research Methodology 4
15 MCS313 Advanced java 4
16 MCS376 Project Paper 12

Intake :

  1. January
  2. April
  3. May
  4. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or other fields related to CGPA 2.5 and above; or
  2. Other qualifications recognized equivalent to it by the Government of Malaysia.

Candidates with a Bachelor's degree but not in the Computer area can be admitted with the condition they need to take the pre-requisite module for their initial preparatory course of study. Candidates with CGPA of below 2.5 but exceeding 2.0 may be subject to strict internal appraisal process,

For non-Malaysian citizens, please refer to the Malaysian Qualification Agency's (MQA) List of Overseas Qualifications & its equivalency with Malaysian Education System to see if you qualify for this course.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master