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Master of Communication


Master of Communication KPT/JPS(PA 4136)08/19

The programme is interesting course which creates professionals with advanced knowledge of communication, theory, analysis, research and skills. The course makes the students familiar with the progress made in communication technologies to increase globalization of business endeavors. The course is proposed for students to expand professional communication necessary for the industry and also for career advancement prospects. The course advances the students' understanding of communications and media systems both locally and globally, centering on digital media, globalization and increasing the standards of cross-cultural exchange.

For successful completion of Masters degree in LUC, each candidate should publish minimum of Two research articles in scopus indexed journals, with Lincoln affiliation.

The fast growth incontemporary communication technology requires rapid development in acquiringskills for both individuals and companies related to media and culture. The programme consists ofinternational multidisciplinary field that provides the opportunity to developknowledge and skills focusing on technology, applications and economy. The course will teach effectiveness in communicationthrough a conceptual understanding of theory and its application along with theunderstanding of the contemporary research in communication, management,ethics, and innovation technology. The program includes professionaldevelopment and networking opportunities, allowing the students to developskills and confidence they need to gain and sustain a competitive advantage.

The students will gain extensive career opportunities in journalism, TV production, visual communication design or public relations along with cross disciplinary fields in media and communication. The course leads careers in marketing, public relations and creative services for a variety of industries. Master of Communication Job Types includes Publicist.

· Speech writer
· Intercultural communications specialist
· Marketing managers
· Public relations managers
· Public speaking educators
· Sales managers

Minimum Duration : 18 Months.
Maximum Duration : 30 Months.

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Graduated Bachelor (Level 6 MOH) or equivalent with at least 2.75 of University College recognized by the Government of Malaysia; or
  2. Bachelor or equivalent with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and did not achieve a CGPA of 2.75, can be received in time depending on rigorous internal evaluation; or
  3. Bachelor or equivalent and not achieve a CGPA of 2.50, may be admitted subject to a minimum of 5 years experience in a related field; or
  4. Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government. For international students, test the English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 600 OR International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) score of 6.0 or equivalent is required. If the student does not meet this requirement. University College must offer courses proficiency in English to ensure student mastery is sufficient to meet the program requirements. This is usually done through the assessment process.
  5. Other qualifications recognized by the Malaysian Government.

For non-Malaysian citizens, please refer to the Malaysian Qualification Agency's (MQA) List of Overseas Qualifications & its equivalency with Malaysian Education System to see if you qualify for this course.

Duration : 18 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Master