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Sl.No. Authors Title Publisher Year  
1 Dr. Idris Adewale Ahmed Create culture of respect to fight bullying. New Straits Times 2018 View
2 Dr. Idris Adewale Ahmed A balanced diet will keep the doctor away. New Straits Times 2018 View
3 Dr. Maryam Abimbola Mikail Check up on mental health. The Star Online 2018 View
4 Dr. Tapash Rudra Get to the root of oral cancer. New Straits Times 2018 View
5 Dr. Farhat A. Avin Growing A Mushroom Business. The Star Online 2017 View
6 Dr. Tapash Rudra Protect Our Coral Reefs. The Star Online 2017 View
7 Dr. Tapash Rudra Take Cohesive Action To Protect Peninsular Marine Turtles. Malaymail Online 2017 View
8 Dr. Tapash Rudra It's Our Responsibility To Look After Mother Nature. New Straits Times 2017 View
9 Dr. Tapash Rudra Need for boost in biotechnology. The Star Online 2017 View
10 Dr. Tapash Rudra The Batik are part of our national tapestry. The Star Online 2017 View
11 Dr. Tapash Rudra Conserve our rain forests. The Sun Daily 2017 View
12 Idris Adewale Ahmed Ways to a healthy life. FMT News 2017 View
13 Maryam Abimbola Mikail A little lime juice goes a long way. FMT News 2017 View
14 Hyung-Min Ji, Jun Han, Ye-Yeon Won Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis. Hip & Pelvis 2015 View