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Research Profile LUC

Research Profile LUC
Employee Name Mrs. Gayathri Rajamanickam
Employee ID TAC744
Gender Female
Contact Details 0169050569
Date of Joining 01/06/2004
Department Faculty of Pharmacy
Designation Lecturer
Job Type Academic
Academic Experience 10 Years 4 Months
Highest Qualification Masters
Academic Awards St. Peter institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Gold medal for securing highest marks in the M. Pharm in JSS University Qualified in All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Sponsorship cum stipend for My M.Pharm course.
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Research Cluster

Sl.NoResearch ClusterSub Research ClusterExpertise
1 Clinical and Health Sciences Associate Health Science Natural Products, extracts, Neuropharmacological studies on plant products, synthesis of new drug

Sl.NoTitleRoleJournalYearDOIView Upload
1 Synthesis and Neuropharmacological Evaluation of Some Novel Quinoxaline 2, 3-Dione Derivatives Co-Author The ScientificWorld Journal 2012 1899-01-01 View
2 New Benzimidazolo Indane-1, 3-Dione Derivatives: Synthesis and In-vitro Screening Against Helminthic Infections Co-Author International Journal of Drug Design and Discovery 2011 1899-01-01 View
3 Design, synthesis, and docking studies of novel o?oxacin analogues as antimicrobial agents Co-Author Med Chem Res MEDICINAL 2011 1899-01-01 View
4 Synthesis and Characterization of some Novel Quinoxaline-2, 3-Dione De- rivatives: A Preliminary Investigation on their Activity Against a Human Epithelial Carcinoma Cell Line Co-Author Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 2011 1899-01-01 View
5 Pharmacological Evaluation of Clerodendrum Philippinum Schauer Flowers for Antianxiety and Central Nervous System Depressant Activity Co-Author International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research model. 2010 1899-01-01 View