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Research Profile LUC

Research Profile LUC
Employee Name Dr. Inda Sukati
Employee ID TAC1347
Gender Male
Contact Details 6281287102839
Date of Joining 05/02/2018
Department Faculty of Business and Accountancy
Designation Assistant Professor
Job Type Academic
Academic Experience 20 Years 6 Months
Highest Qualification Phd
Academic Awards
H-Index 7
Citation 237
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4568-1471
Scopus ID 55251728300
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Sl.NoTitleRoleJournalYearDOIView Upload
1 The Moderating Role of Market, Firm and Supply Chain Factors on the Relationship between Information Technology Practices and Supply Chain Agility Main auhtor American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 2014 1899-01-01 View
2 The Practices oflnternal Marketing and its Effect on Job Satisfaction, Customer Orientation and Organizational Commitment: Evidence from Services Industry Main author International Business Management 2013 1899-01-01 View
3 The Study of Supply Chain Management Strategy and Practices on Supply Chain Performance Main author Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 2012 1899-01-01 View