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Master of Medical Sciences KPT/JPS(PA 6145)07/20

The Master of Medical Sciences (by Research) is designed to make the students ready for jobs in fields of basic biomedical research, the pharmaceutical industry or the health science professions. The course will also provide additional opportunities to enhance their credentials in the service. The Master of Medical Sciences may also provide supplemental course for practitioners in the health professions or students in professional health science programs, based on individual career goals and research training needs. The outcomes of the proposed program, as envisaged, would certainly contribute significantly towards a societal outlook and health care responsibility to improved quality of life of the population. The curriculum of the course involves research work in any specialized field of medical sciences. After completion of this course, the students can opt for research work that will provide them with in-depth knowledge and skills to advance their career in medical research or they can even pursue further Ph.D. programmes in the related fields.

Mode of Delivery: By Research and Practice