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Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration KPT/JPS (PA 13003)01/27

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia (LUC) is designed to prepare students who wish to pursue academic careers in business. The program educates students the skills for conducting research in numerous areas of administration and to use them in problem-solving in the various business fields. It is a doctoral program devised for high caliber and self-motivated students who wish to procure top research, leadership and analytical skills in business.

The program aim is to generate business professionals who are well trained and active in the field of applied business research. The primary aim of the program is to develop the students’ appreciation of both national and international administrative issues that will assist them to improve the global society. Coherent with this objective is the aim to encourage outstanding competence, based on theory and practice, on dealing with administrative conflicts correlated with several management issues.

Upon graduation from this doctoral program, students typically acquire knowledge and expertise that can boost them to excel in a variety of business fields. Some common titles include:

  1. Researcher
  2. Marketing Strategist
  3. Business Consultant
  4. Corporate Manager
  5. Economic Analyst

Full Time Duration : 36 - 72 Months
Part Time Duration : 48 - 96 Months

Sl.No. MQA Subject Code Subject Name Credits
1 PHDBA 101 Research Methodology 3
2 PHDBA 102 Computer Application 3
3 PHDBA 103 Research Work 3

Intake :Ongoing, Limited Seats Available

Entry Requirements :

  1. Entry Qualification must meet the minimum requirements of the MQA Program Standard / Professional body requirements / recommendations for student recruitment during that period; or Standard Program met the minimum requirements / needs of professional bodies / recommendation MQA effective for the intake of students in that period; or
  2. Other qualifications recognized by the Government.

Any changes in the Program Standard / MQA professional requirements / recommendations will apply to new cohort students only.

The implementation of the entry qualification by Standard Program / professional body requirements / recommendations applied to MQA are based on the provisions that have been set out in the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) circular, enforcing the use of a Standard Program / professional body requirements / recommendations MQA.

Duration : 36 Months.

University : Lincoln University College

Level : Ph.D.