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 1. Islamic Financing and Banking: From Traditional Views to Arab Spring by Prof. Maimul Ahsan Khan in 2012 (ISBN-13: 978-9671093719) 330 pages

This book deals with many controversial issues related to Islamic financing. The author is fairly critical of many prevalent ethno-centric and cultural prejudices and religious superstitions. However, author has attempted to appreciate the Islamic legal and financing theories related to modern banking. The book caters to students, teachers, and activists of all kinds with multi-disciplinary background. In the present times of global economic recession, the book is essential to address any economic problem and related social and political issues that we have been confronting around the globe.  

2. Proceedings of International Conference on Allied Health Sciences  edited by Dr.Sandeep Poddar in2012 (ISBN-13: 978-9671093702)200 pages

This book covers main features of Allied Health Sciences related to human health development. The authors include renowned scientists, professors, doctors and research scholars from different countries all over the world. Though the book revolves around Allied Health Sciences, but students, teachers, and activists from related fields would find the book valuable in their respective area of study. In the present scenario of emerging global health problems the book is essential to address several health issues and other social or managerial matters.